Yamato Vertical-Loading Laboratuvar Otoklavı

Yamato Vertical-Loading Laboratuvar Otoklavı

Time-saving features improve efficiency in your lab
Store customized sterilization programs for repeated use
Cooling fan minimizes cooling time
Operation and display panel located on top of sterilizer for easy viewing


These vertical autoclaves are perfect for sterilization of laboratory instruments including flasks, beakers, test tubes as well as liquids and culture media. The standard cooling fan starts when sterilization finishes and quickly cools the autoclave�s internal temperature to a safe level while reducing the time spent waiting to remove samples. Space-saving design minimizes laboratory space occupied, while vertical loading maximizes internal capacity. The drain bottle holder located behind the front panel offers easy access and visibility of drain water level. A large-diameter drain pipe is included for easier discharge of sterilizing water. Autoclaves include preheating features and timer-start for efficient use of time.

What's Included:

two standard mesh baskets (models 10773-04 and -05 include three mesh baskets). Solid baskets with side vents and baskets with adjustable shelves are also available; order separately at right. Model 10773-00 includes a standard three-prong plug; all other models need to be hard-wired.

Chamber size 20 L
Temp range 45 to 135°C
Temp display 4-digit LED, PID microprocessor control
Pressure range 36.98 psi
Pressure display 4-digit LED
Timer range 0 to 99 hrs, 59 mins
Reservoir capacity Liters 2
Average cycle time cold 30 min
Chamber construction 304 Stainless Steel
Overall dimensions 15-3/4" x 33-1/2" x 20-3/4"
Power VAC 120V
Hz 50/60
Amps 15
Max psi 36.98 psi


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