VIRTIS Floral Liyofilizatörler

VIRTIS Floral Liyofilizatörler

Freeze drying of bridal bouquets, sympathy flowers and other floral arrangements for special occassioins is a growing business for many people that want to work out of their home and make their own hours. With a floral freeze dryer from VirTis, along with our superior network of representatives, we can offer you the equipment and training required to decide whether or not to start your own home-based business in the industry.

Most Common Questions and Answers...

 • What size freeze dryer do I need?
A VirTis 24 x 48 Florever Freeze Dryer is the smallest model you should purchase if you are planning to start a business.

 • How many shelves do I need in my freeze dryer?
It is recommended that you get at least 5 shelves. The shelves are removable so you can do larger floral arrangements if needed.

 • Do I need special training to use a freeze dryer?
You will need to have a factory representative show you how to use the freeze dryer. This is offered at no charge to you and is included at time of set-up. The Freeze Dryer is very simple to operate.

 • How long does the freeze drying process take for flowers?
It depends on the size of the flowers and/or bouquets. Freeze drying of flowers can take from 12 to 14 days.

 • Will I be able to tell by looking at the flowers that they're fully dried?
Yes, you will see moisture or ice particles on the flowers if they are not dry.

 • Do I need a special electrical hookup to run a freeze dryer?
You will need a 220 volt service which can be installed by a licensed electrician.

 • What kind of maintenance is required? Can I do it myself?
Freeze dryers have vacuum pumps that have oil in them. The oil must be changed when it gets dirty. It is a simple process to drain and fill. Other minor maintenance is listed in the operator's manual.

 • Just how big is a freeze dryer? How heavy is it? How much space do I need to set one up?
The freeze dryers range in size. The 24 x 48 is 79"H x 34"w x 52"L. They weigh 950 lbs., but are on caster wheels and can be moved easily by two people.

 • If I have a technical question or mechanical problem is there someone I can contact to help me?
Yes, VirTis technical support is available through our 800 number. We have a service company that isi available 24 hours a day - 7 days a week.

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