Tuttnauer®/Brinkmann Masaüstü Otoklavlar

Tuttnauer®/Brinkmann Masaüstü Otoklavlar

Tuttnauer autoclaves offer fast, safe, dependable steam sterilization for your lab.
Sterilize liquids, media, instruments, glassware, clothing or waste
Models available with printer to meet GLP requirements

No plumbing or hardwiring required


These compact benchtop autoclaves are extremely versatile, offering electronic or analog controls and provide a safe and convenient method for the sterilization of solids and liquids. Both analog and electronic models are available in five sizes and feature 316 stainless-steel sterilization chambers and removable trays that resist corrosion. The large 3.25 liter reservoir requires less frequent fill ups and is easily drained for quick cleaning. A heat-insulated door with double-locking feature prevents opening while the chamber is under pressure to help minimize dangers to lab personnel. An additional sensor on electronic models prevents start-up until the door is closed. All models feature overtemperature cutoff, overpressure valve and a low water level alarm which helps prevent damage to heating elements by signaling the need to refill the reservoir.
A drying cycle helps prevent rusting of delicate instruments and helps dry clothing or absorbent materials. Electronic control models offer microprossesor controls and digital display of operating parameters, where temperature, pressure and running time are constantly displayed. Reproducible sterilization runs are accomplished through four fully adjustable programs. The user sets desired operating parameters for temperature, sterilizing and if needed, drying time. Battery backup helps prevent loss of parameter settings in the event of power failure.
The continuous pressure purge helps eliminate cool air pockets within the chamber, ensuring thorough, even sterilization. Automatic sterilization cycles feature fast and slow exhaust options. Chamber pressure may be reduced quickly to reduce the drying time of solids, or slower to prevent boil over of media and liquids.
Printers for electronic models validate sterilization cycles by assigning a cycle number and recording sterilization time, drying time, date, temperature, pressure, and program. Sterilization parameters such as temperature and pressure are printed each minute, with a summary of each cycle. Errors are recorded on each printout in the event of cycle interruption or failure, with documentation of the cause.

Capacity cu ft 0.7
Temp range 100°C - 134°C
Pressure range 0 to 40 psi
Timer display 3 to 99 mins
Reservoir capacity Liters 3
Shelves 3
Chamber construction stainless steel
Overall dimensions 20" W x 15" H x 20" D
Power VAC 120
Hz 50/60
Amps 11.7
watts 1400
Max psi 40


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