Thermo Scientific Thermolyne Ekonomik Buhar Sterilizatörü

Thermo Scientific Thermolyne Ekonomik Buhar Sterilizatörü

Easy to program tabletop sterilizers
Optional printer for record keeping
Easy to operate one-button controls
Closed-door drying



These economical sterilizers offer the convenience of four pre-set cycles and self-cleaning non-recirculating operation in a compact, space-saving design. Simple to operate onebutton controls save time and cycle the units from start to finish with automatic drying at the end of each cycle. Special venting for liquids helps reduce boil-over and allows cycle to run under 45 minutes for EPA standards. Has received 510K clearance
What's included: one rack, two trays (large, small), and 6-ft power cord. Sterilizer chambers are ASME-certified.

Capacity cu ft 0.7
Chamber size 15-1/2" D x 10" dia
Temp range Liquid-goods cycle: 100 to 121ºC; Hard-goods cycle 100 to 135ºC
Temp display LED
Pressure display LED
Timer range 1 to 99 minutes
Timer display LED
Reservoir capacity Liters 4
Shelves 2
Chamber construction 316 stainless steel
Power VAC 220
Hz 50/60
Amps 6.5
Average cycle time min 41
Dimensions inches 16" W x 18" H x 23" D
Max psi 40


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