Thermo Scientific Su-Ceketli Otomatik CO2 İnkübatörler

Thermo Scientific  Su-Ceketli Otomatik CO2 İnkübatörler 

Exclusive SMARTGAS ®  system for accurate CO2 control
IR sensor for changing temperature and humidity conditions
TC sensor for constant temperature and humidity applications
Security password protection of set points avoids unintended changes



These incubators feature temperature adjustable heated door keeps inner glass door free of condensation for improved viewing of cultures. Audible and visual alarms indicate temperature deviations of ±1°C or more, CO2 concentration deviations of 1% or greater, or when incubator door has been left open for more than five minutes. CO2 recovery time to 5% CO2 (98% of set value) after 30 second door opening at 37°C is seven minutes. Built-in RS232 port can be used to transfer temperature and CO2 data to a printer. All units feature easy to read LED display scans between actual temperature and % CO2 level. Use keypad to program fast and easy adjustment of parameters.

Select between thermal conductivity (TC) or infrared (IR) sensor CO2 incubators. Optional HEPA filter (99.97% efficient at 0.5 microns) can be easily installed to ensure aseptic cell culture.

Capacity 6.2 Cu.Ft.
Temp range Ambient+5C to 60C
Temp accuracy +/- 0.1°C
Temp uniformity +/- 0.25°C
Range (CO2) 0-20%
CO2 accuracy +/- 0.1%
Sensor Thermal Conductivity
Chamber size 22" x 22" x 22"
Shelves 5
Power VAC 120
Hz 50/60
Watts 750


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