Thermo Scientific NapcoTM Ekonomik Masaüstü Sterilizatör

Thermo Scientific NapcoTM Ekonomik Masaüstü Sterilizatör

Continuous pressure purge for quick and consistent sterilization
Pressure and temperature dial gauges are mounted on the door for easy viewing


These affordable Thermo Scientific Napco sterilizers have a continuous pressure purge system that eliminates air pockets and provides uniform distribution of steam throughoutensures quick, thorough sterilization. After sterilization, the drying element removes residual moisture to allow you to use your instruments immediately. Safety features include low water cut-off, over-pressure relief valve, over-temperature safety switch, and a positive door latch. Choose from models with fast cool-down for solid materials, and models with fast/slow cool-down for solid and liquid materials. Slow cool-down prevents liquids from boiling over as pressure is vented at the end of the cycle.

What's included: one instrument tray and a 7-ft power cord with a three prong plug.

Chamber size 18" deep x 9" dia
Temp range 121 to 132°C (250 to 270°F)
Temp display dial gauge
Pressure range 15 to 27 psi
Pressure display Dial gauge
Timer range Slow: 0 to 70 min
Fast: 0 to 60 min
Timer display 1 1/2" dial gauge
Reservoir capacity Liters 1 liter
Chamber construction 304 stainless steel chamber
Power VAC 120 VAC
Hz 50/60 Hz
Amps 13 A
Average cycle time min 20 minutes
Dimensions inches 21"W x 14 1/2"H x18"D
Description Fast cool-down for solid materials


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