Thermo Scientific MaxQ 6000 Soğutmalı İnkübatörlü Çalkalayıcı


Thermo Scientific MaxQ 6000 Soğutmalı İnkübatörlü Çalkalayıcı


Stackable, large-chambered units optimize lab space
Simultaneously view temperature, speed, and time simultaneously on three separate displays
Triple-eccentric drive provides uniform agitation and enables 24-hour operation -- even at high speeds

Unbalanced load sensor stops platform motion and activates visual/audible alarms when excess vibration is detected


Incubating shakers feature PID temperature controller for precise control across the full operating range. Solid-state DC brushless motor with variable-speed control, from 15 to 500 rpm, provides continuous or timed operation from 0.1 minute to 999 hours. Soft-start feature prevents sudden starts and stops, eliminating splashing of vessel contents and wetting of flask closures. Audible/visual alarms alert user if temperature varies 1°C from set point or if speed varies 10% from set point. Large viewing window and internal light enables easy viewing of samples. Two adjustable stainless steel shelves provide additional storage space for samples. Remotely monitor speed, time, and temperature with RS-232 interface or connect an independent temperature recorder to the output jack.

Speed range 15-500 rpm (unstacked), 15-300 rpm (stacked)
Temp range Ambient + 10C to 60C
Orbit size 3/4" (1.9 cm)
Max load 50 lbs. (22.7 kg)
Timer (min) Continuous, 0.1-999 min., or 0.1-999 hours
Overall dimensions 33"L x 27"W x 44"H
Power VAC 115
Hz 60



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