Thermo Scientific Hybaid PxE Termal Cycler

Thermo Scientific Hybaid PxE Termal Cycler

Designed to offer performance, accuracy and simplicity
96 well format for flexible sample throughput
Compact design for economy of space


The PxE thermal cycler is a licensed 96 well PCR machine, developed to provide all fundamental features for value for money thermal cycling. It has two choice of sample format: model 02662-10 has 96 well fixed block that fits 0.2mL tubes, model 02662-20 has 96 well fixed block that fits 0.5mL. Both models feature high definition 1/4 VGA display. The screen is designed to improve user-friendliness by providing detailed information about the statues of the system, in graphical or text format, with a minimal amount of user intervention.

Capacity 96-well x 0.2mL
Block Description Interchangeable block
Power 110V
Dimensions 244x405x285mm
Temp range Block temperature range: 4°C-99°C
Block heating rate: up to 3°C/sec
Block cooling rate: up to 2°C/sec
Heated lid temperature range: 90°C - 120Deg>C
Uniformity ±0.5°C within 15sec


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