Thermo Scientific Barnstead Single-Holder Sistem

Thermo Scientific Barnstead Single-Holder Sistem

Modular design�fill with your choice of cartridges

Perfect for general pretreatment of laboratory water


B-PURE systems are modular wall-mountable systems for point-of-use deionization. Simply add modules as needed when your water requirements change. All systems accept pre- and posttreatment cartridges. Use pretreatment cartridges to filter water before reverse osmosis, deionization, or distillation. Use posttreatment cartridges at the point of use for filtration of ultrapure water. Easily install and remove cartridges; a quarter twist releases canister. A PURA®-Lite resistivity indicator can be mounted directly to the housing to monitor water purity threshold�order separately.
Max flow rate 4 liters per minute
Inlet pressure Max 100 psi
min 5 psi
Inlet water temperature 40 to 120ºF (4 to 49ºC)
Inlet port 1/2" NPT(F)
Dimensions 7"W x 24"H x 7"D
Type Single


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