Thermo Scientific Barnstead EASYpure® II UF/UV Su Arıtma Sistemleri

Thermo Scientific Barnstead EASYpure® II UF/UV Su Arıtma Sistemleri

All systems exceed standards for ASTM Type 1 water.

Ultrafiltration/UV system produces pyrogen, RNase, and DNase-free water.



These compact water purification systems dispense ultrapure water near your analytical instrument—they're ideal for HPLC, TOC, GC/MS, ICP and ICP/MS, and ion chromatography applications.
A microprocessor provides two modes of operation: continuous "ON" and "standby". In the "standby" mode, product water is recirculated through the cartridges for 10 minutes every hour. This ensures that the water is at maximum purity. Digital LED display indicates the resistivity of the product water.
All systems require pretreated water by deionization, distillation, or reverse osmosis. Batch feed models require two cartridges; all other models require three cartridges. Order final filter separately.

What's included: a 6-ft cord with three-prong grounded plug. Batch feed system includes a 7-liter storage reservoir and requires no plumbing. All other systems include tubing and adapter for direct feed installation from a pressurized or gravity feed line. Ultrafiltration and ultrafiltration/UV models include one sanitization cartridge 99261-55 and one set of empty cartridges 99261-56. Cartridges do not come with most EasyPure® Systems.

UF/UV System is ideal for cell culture and monoclonal antibody productionproduces pyrogen-, Rnase-, and Dnase-free water; and bacteria levels <1 CFU/100mL. TOC is less than 3 ppb.

Max flow rate 1.2 liters/minute
Inlet water temperature 40 to 120°F (4 to 49°C)
Dimensions 12 1/4"W x 18 1/8"H x 18 3/4"D
Resistivity threshold 18.3 MΩ-cm
Power 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Inlet pressure range 5/100 psi


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