TECHCOMP VIS-7200A Visible Spektrofotometre

TECHCOMP VIS-7200A Visible Spektrofotometre

Compact VIS-7200A Visible Spectrophotometer is ideal for routine applications in testing and
teaching area. Easy operation and reliable design are for fast yet accurate results.


Excellent Optical System

  • The use of concave diffraction grating enhances the monochromator efficiency and reliability and allows the optical system to be simple and compact.
  • Convex lens is used to focus the light beam for the micro volume sample analysis.

Highly Automatic Control Functions

  • Self-test report of hardware.
  • Built-in self-calibration function checks and calibrates the wavelength accuracy with holmium oxide glass filter every time when the instrument is switched on. The measuring wavelength is guarantee to be accurate.
  • System memory stores the wavelength scan baseline as reference spectrum for blank subtraction.

Spectrum Scan Functions

  • Abs & %T spectrum scan and display modes;
  • Fast scan speed increase the throughput of the spectrum analysis.


  • Calibration curve can be generated by using maximum 8 standard solution or by inputting the coefficient of correlation.
  • Calculation and printout of the coefficient of correlation.
  • Sample concentration can be calculated and printout after generating the calibration curve.

User-Friendly Display and Data Processing Functions

  • Easy to use keypad and user-friendly display make the operation of instrument simple and intuitive.
  • Large 3.5 inch LCD screen allows easy viewing of instrument status, spectrum scan and measurement data.
  • Spectrum can be displayed and printed.
  • Operation step-by-step wizard.

Compact and Versatile Design

  • The instrument is compact in size while the sample compartment is large enough to accept variety of accessories for various methods and different sample handling.
  • Comes with four cell holder for easy changing of cell.



Halogen Tungsten lampsingle beam

concave grating1200Lines/mm

Wavelength range


Spectral bandwidth

5 nm

Stray light

0.5%T 360nmNaNO

Wavelength scan speed

60800nm/min full wavelength range

Wavelength accuracy


Baseline stability

0.2%T 6min0%T);0.5%T 6min100%T

Noise level

0.2%T 500nm0%T);0.5%T 500nm100%T


3.5 inch LCD with background light


Silicon photodiode


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