Techcomp MTP-601F Otomatik Floresan Mikroplaka Okuyucu

Techcomp MTP-601F Otomatik Floresan Mikroplaka Okuyucu


Product Description

Reminder for Halogen Lamp Replacement

The usage and life-span of the halogen lamp is automatically monitored. The user will be prompted to replace the lamp when the usage exceeds the standard life-span of the lamp.

Low Maintenance Cost

The Price of Halogen Lamp is less the 10% of a Xenon lamp without compromising the sensitivity.

 floresan mikroplkaka okuyucu

Auto-Alignment Function

Enable the use of microplates from different manufacturers without compromising the result accuracy

A versatile instrument that is capable of  making minor adjustment according the microplate parameters provided by the manufacturer for precise  measurement. The instrument is preset to use with the Greiner’s F-bottom microplate (#781076)*. Additional 5 microplate formats can be added upon user preference.

* the Parameter may change without notice. Please contact Greiner for more information.

High Sensitivity

MTP-601F is equipped with a high sensitive photomultiplier tube (R928), which enables the detection of fluorescein as low as 2 x 10-11 mol / l


·          2 shaking modes – orbital or linear

·          3 different shaking speeds

·          3different durations – 5, 10 or 20 seconds

User-Friendly On-Board Control Panel

The keypads on the main unit enables the scrolling and direct display of operating conditions on the LED.

·          MODE: Endpoint/kinetic

·          SENS: Sensitivity range

·          MIX: Shaking duration


Plate formats

96 well plate (flat bottom, black)

(Greiner#781076 recommended)

Measurement direction

Vertical and Horizontal

Detection Mode


Measurement principle

End point / kinetic Measurement


2 x 10-11 mol / l   Fluorescin

Intreference Filter

Excitation: 490 nm

Emission: 530 nm

Wavelength Range

Excitation: 360 ~ 710 nm

Emission: 400 ~ 750 nm

Shaking mode

Rotational/linear; 3 step speeds;

Time: 5s,10s and 20s

Detection interval and number of measurement

Maximum 999 seconds; 99 times

Detection Time

Min 60 seconds / 96 well plate

Light Source

Halogen lamp


Photomultiplier Tube-R928

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