Techcomp MTP-600F Floresan Mikroplaka Okuyucu

Techcomp MTP-600F Floresan Mikroplaka Okuyucu

Product Description

Three measurement modes can be used by two excitation wavelengths/ two emission wavelengths.

 MTP-600F Floresan Mikroplaka Okuyucu

• The focus height of the excitation light in the well can be set to the floatage and settling of the sample.

• Self-diagnosis function

• Wavelength range

Fluorescence : Excitation 260 ~ 710 nm/ Emission 300 ~ 750 nm

• Temperature control : Ambient, 37°C, 40°C, and 45°C (accuracy ±0.5°C)

• Shaking function is standard features

• Data analysis software is included.

• The multifunction and high performance can be easily used.


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