SUNDY SDTGA400 Düşük-Dalga Nem Test Cihazı

SDTGA400 Düşük-Dalga Nem Test Cihazı 



  • Test Methods
    Light –wave heating
    Microwave heating
    Mixed type
  • Umpire Analysis
    With the provision for passing a stream of dry nitrogen and a high-precision flow meter, SDTGA400 meets requirements of umpire analysis.
  • Easy Operation and Multi Control
    Automatic weighing function could display real-time sample weight and calculate test results automatically. A single computer can control several sets of SDTGA400.
  • Powerful Data Management
    SDTGA400 has powerful data management, report statistics and printing function. Balance and network are connected by standard interface RS232.



Max sample: 8 (inherent moisture),8 (φ6, total moisture)
Sample size: 1±0.1g (inherent moisture),11±1g (φ6, total moisture)
Particle size: ≤0.2mm (inherent moisture),≤6mm (φ6, total moisture)
Furnace temperature: 105~110℃
Temperature controlling precision:±2.5℃
Analysis time: Light –wave heating for 20~40min
Microwave heating for 15~30min
Mixed type for 10~20min
Power requirement: 220V (-15%-10%), 50Hz



  • Applications
    SDTGA400 can be used to determine the moisture content on air dried basis and total moisture in coal, coke, petroleum, minerals and so on. It can be vastly used in power industry, coal, fuel & chemical processing, metallurgical industry, environmental protection, papermaking, geological industry, and researching institute, etc.
  • Conformance with Standards:
    ISO11722 Solid mineral fuels – Hard coal – Determination of moisture in the general analysis test sample by drying in nitrogen
    ASTM D5142-09 Standard Test Method for Proximate Analysis of the Analysis Sample of Coal and Coke by Instrumental Procedures
    GB/T212-2008 Standard Test Method for Proximate Analysis of Coal
    GB/T212-2007 Determination of total moisture in coal
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