SUNDY SDS-IV a Kükürt Analiz Cihazı

SDS-IV a Kükürt Analiz Cihazı



Coulomb Sulfur Analyzer working principles:
A sample combusts and decomposes in air current with catalyst, the sulfur in coal produces sulfide in the reaction, and among the products, the sulfur dioxide absorbed by potassium iodide (KI) solution . Titrate the iodine produced by electrolyzing potassium iodide, and calculate the total sulfur content in coal according to quantity of electricity consumed when electrolyzing.
The total sulfur content, St, ad, of the sample, expressed as a percentage by mass, is given by the equation below:
St, ad=m1/m×100
St, ad is total sulfur content in general analysis samples, expressed as a percentage by mass, %;
m1 is displayed in coulomb integrator, expressed in milligram, mg;
m2 is the mass of the sample, expressed in milligram, mg.

  • Horizontal furnace with a super wide uniform temperature zone(≥90mm) ensures complete combustion of coal samples.
  • Dilated and thickened electrolysis electrodes, with bigger interface, make the integration more accurate and complete.
  • With CAN bus, several calorimeters can be controlled by a single PC without mutual influence.
  • Balance could be connected and data could be transmitted by real-time network transmission.



Sulfur Determination Range: (0.01~35) %
Temperature Control Precision: ±3℃
Sulfur Resolution: 0.01%
Furnace Temperature: 1150℃ for coal, 900℃ for oil
Sample size: (8-110) mg
Analysis time: 3~6min /sample
Autoloader: 1 sample
Power Requirement: 220 V(-15%-10%),50Hz
Max Power: 3kw




It can be used to measure the total sulfur content in combustibles, such as coal, coke, petroleum and other solid biomass fuels.

Conformance with Standards:

ISO351 Solid mineral fuels-Determination of total sulfur-High temperature combustion method
ASTM D 4239-2008 Standard Test Methods for Sulfur in the Analysis Sample of Coal and Coke Using High-Temperature Tube Furnace Combustion Methods1
GB/T214-2007 Total Sulfur Analysis in Coal

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