SI Pressure Instruments Pressure - Vakum Kalibratörü

SI Pressure Instruments Pressure - Vakum Kalibratörü

The pressure calibrator combines all the latest developments in pressure instrumentation with advanced sensor and component technology to offer a versatile calibration instrument. It utilizes a silicon-based sensor and offers 0.025% FS accuracy.

It is designed for accurately testing and calibrating the following types of instruments: Pressure Transducers/Transmitters, Pressure Switches/Relief Valves, Pressure Indicators (analogue/digital), Process Indicators and to Pressure Converters.


The modular design allows for a customized calibrator to be created, giving minimal functions if a non-complex instrument is required (i.e. A simple pressure indicator). Alternatively, fully featured calibration systems can be supplied, accommodating various pressure ranges using external pressure modu

SI Pressure Instruments Pressure - Vacuum Calibrator (.pdf)
Manufacturer number PC6-B-10-35-C-3
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