Seward Stomacher® Laboratuvar Blenderları

Seward Stomacher® Laboratuvar Blenderları

The smallest paddle blender on the market conserves valuable lab space
Small footprint offers convenient placement on your lab bench
Increase productivity—no need to clean equipment between processing, simply discard used sterile processing bags after use

Paddle design processes materials that cannot be handled by conventional lab blenders


The unique action of the Stomacher uses paddles to homogenize samples through a combination of mechanical forces—crushing and stirring. Samples are processed within a sterile environment inside the disposable Stomacher bags (order separately).
Compact Blender incorporates all the technical features and processing benefits of the larger programmable models but is designed to take less space in the working environment. The smallest paddle blender on the market—it can fit into safety cabinets, which helps to reduce exposure to hazardous materials.
Programmable Blender is the latest version of the Stomacher® laboratory blenders. During operation the paddles crush the sample and circulate the suspended debris and diluent. Experience 26% improvement in organism recovery, one-touch user-programmable time, three paddle speeds, and �hands-free� auto-run feature.

Capacity 80 to 400 mL
Timer Adjustable, 1 second to 99 minutes
Dimensions 13-1⁄4" x 13-1⁄4" x 11"
Power 110 VAC
Description Programmable


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