Sabit Yüksek Sıcaklık Vakum Etüvleri

Sabit Yüksek Sıcaklık Vakum Etüvleri

Reach temperatures up to 280C

Thick insulation ensures temperature uniformity and minimizes exterior surface temperatures



Simple, safe operation is the hallmark of these high-temperature vacuum ovens. Full-view window permits continuous monitoring.
Electronic-Controlled Oven (models 05017-00 and -05) with wrap-around heating elements ensures even heating. Electronic control back-up prevents overheating. Front panel controls include primary temperature control failure indicators, purge gas and vacuum control valves, vacuum gauge, and temperature control. Gas and vacuum system connectors on the rear panel let you replace air with inert gas. Glance through the window to view temperature on the dial thermometer inside the chamber. Easy-care construction features an enameled-steel cabinet, stainless steel chamber, and a silicone gasket.
Microprocessor-Controlled Oven (models 05017-10 and -15) with self-diagnostic indicators, back-up thermostat, and dual controls prevent damage to samples. Program up to eight on/off cycles per day. Front panel indicators alert you to open thermocouple, shorted triac, open heater, or overtemperature conditions. Easy-care construction features steel cabinet with baked epoxy enamel finish, stainless steel interior, chrome-plated steel shelves, and a silicone gasket.
What�s included: two shelves and a power cord with plug ( U.S. standard on 120 VAC models; European on 230/240 VAC models).

Maximum temperature 280°C
Capacity cu ft 1.50
Temp range ambient + 10°C to 280°C (536°F)
Temp uniformity ±5°C at 100°C
Control type PID
Rise time to 200°C = <30 min
Display LED
Vacuum range 0 to 30" Hg
Vacuum display LED
No. of shelf positions 8
No. of shelves 2
Chamber size 12"W x 12"H x 18"D
Overall dimensions 26"W x 22"H x 23"D
Construction Epoxy enamel finish, stainless steel interior, chrome-plated steel shelves, silicone gasket
Watts 1700
Power VAC 120
Hz 50/60
Amps 14.7
Uniformity ±5°C at 100°C


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