PVDF Türbin Tip Flowmetreler

PVDF Türbin Tip Flowmetreler

Ideal for use with many strong oxidizers and acids
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Battery-powered to eliminate the need for expensive wiring
Two totalizers allow for process or period-specific volume monitoring
Enclosure is FM-approved for Class I, Division I environments



These in-line flowmeters / totalizers display flow rate and accumulated flow in GPM or LPM. The NEMA 4 enclosure is suitable for indoor/outdoor use in dusty, dirty and wet environments and the PVDF body is resistant to ultraviolet radiation and weathering.
All flowmeters measure linearly across a range and record a cumulative volume plus a resettable volume. Meters are factory-calibrated using water but can store 2 application-specific K-factors determined in-process. To conserve power, the six-digit display automatically turns on with flow and then turns off four minutes after flow ceases.
Wetted components are PVDF housing, rotor and supports, and ceramic shaft and bearings. The limited internal parts are simple to replace for easy maintenance (contact Cole-Parmer Applications if necessary).
Meters operate on two lithium batteries. Remote installation of the flowmeter body is possible using the optional remote installation kit (order separately at right). Replacement battery kits and calibration containers can be ordered from the right.
* Check a chemical compatibility chart for specific details on using PVDF with oxidizers or acids.

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