Özel Mikroskoplar

Özel Mikroskoplar


N-400FL is an epifluorescence microscope that pushes implicity and cost-effectiveness to levels up to now considered unattainable. The basic structure is dedicated to the most demanding applications of
routine fluorescence analysis. However, N400FL offers, in the same unit, brightfield and, optionally, darkfield and phase contrast capabilities, thus extending its potentials to most multi-contrast applications.


Imagine a fluorescence microscope that needs a lamp change every 50 000 hours.
Imagine a fluorescence microscope with a cold light source that barely heats up during use. Imagine a fluorescence microscope that can be switched on, used immediately, switched off and then back on again. Imagine a fluorescence microscope that is so safe as to need no protection
shield whatsoever, and that can be used by anyone, without any specific precaution.


Polarising microscope


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