Oakton ® Acorn pH 5 ve pH 6 pH Metreler

Oakton ® Acorn  pH 5 ve pH 6 pH Metreler

High ±0.01 pH meter accuracy at economical prices
Convenient, compact design
Up to three-point push-button calibration with auto-buffer calibration

Displays pH and temperature with a button press


These ph meters are perfect for fast, accurate results. Automatic temperature compensation (ATC) ensures accuracy from 0 to 100°C. The custom LCD displays temperature or pH. The pH 6 also reads mV. Meters include a protective rubber boot that also acts as meter stand for benchtop use.
All meters include: Four AAA batteries, protective rubber boot and instruction manual. Meter kit includes ph meter, pH electrode, ATC probe, pH buffer solutions, rinse bottle and hard carrying case.

Type Meter with rubber boot, electrode, and ATC probe
Model pH 5
Range pH 0.00 to 14.00 pH
Temperature 0 to 100.0 °C
Resolution pH 0.01 pH
Temperature 0.1°C
Accuracy pH ±0.01 pH
Temperature ±0.5°C
Calibration pH Up to 3 buffer values: pH 4.01; 7.00; 10.00 (USA);
pH 4.01; 6.86; 9.18 (NIST)
Temperature Offset 0.1°C increments
Temp compensation Automatic with ATC probe; 0 to 100°C
Display 3 1/2-digit LCD
Power Four AAA batteries
Battery life 200 hours continuous
Dimensions 5 3/4"W x 2 3/4"H x 1 3/8"D
Manufacturer number OKPH502


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