miVac Quattro Konsantratör

miVac Quattro Konsantratör

The miVac Quattro is suitable for use with a wide range of solvents, from volatile organic solvents through to water and some of the higher boiling point solvents. The Quattro is a centrifugal vacuum concentrator compatable for use with variety of sample formats including tubes, microplates, vials and round bottom flasks. Making it an ideal "work-horse" concentrator for the busy lab. The Quattro has more than double the capacity of the Duo concentrator. Combined with a SpeedTrap and JetRotors miVac concentrators are the fastest in class.

The built-in special runs for working with water and water mixtures improve performance and optimise concentration time and make the miVac Quattro ideal for applications requiring concentration of solvent from precious samples in: Oligo-synthesis, RNA/DNA prep., peptide prep., sequencing, molecular biology, ADME / toxicology labs, process development, residue analysis, environmental analysis and general academic/life science research.

Combine the miVac Quattro with our optional miVac SpeedTrap and/or pump(s) to increase performance even further. With the SpeedTrap, Scroll Pump and Pressure Controller, the miVac Quattro can make an excellent combinations freeze drier and concentrator, by addition of the miVac lyo accessory kit. The miVac film shows how the system can be configured.

The miVac Quattro does not come with a rotor as standard, a wide range of rotors are available accepting all common formats of tube, microcentrifuge tubes and microtitre plates. Now available are the new 'JetRotors' solid aluminium sample rotors with improved thermal transfer for faster drying.
The miVac range of concentrators incorporate the following features:
  • Advanced technology controls heating providing protection for valuable samples.
  • Solid state electro-magnetic drive for quiet, maintenance free operation.
  • Very easy to use simple, clear user interface.
  • Low cost of ownership.
  • Well built and quiet operation.
  • Manufactured in the UK under ISO 9001 standard.

    Sample concentration has never been easier, quieter or quicker!

    To view the additional Technical Specifications click here.

    For smaller quantities of samples select the miVac Duo concentrator with miVac SpeedTrap and pump.

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