miVac Duo and Quattro Pompalar

miVac Duo and Quattro Pompalar

miVac Duo and Quattro pumps are oil free diaphragm pumps requiring almost no maintenance designed to power the miVac series of vacuum concentrators.. They are compact, requiring little bench space and are quiet running.

The miVac Duo Pump is suitable for use with a volatile organic solvents through to water, where as the miVac Quattro Pump is also suitable for use with some higher boiling point solvents. Both pumps have high flow rates to ensure the fastest possible concentration rate. miVac Duo and Quattro pumps can also be used with most of your existing equipment.

Pumps should be chosen depenant upon application rather than the concentrator chosen. Therefore, if volatiles are the only solvents likely to be concentrated the Duo Pump (and SpeedTrap™) is recommended, even if a Quattro concentrator is required to accomodate all the samples. Likewise, for those processing a few samples of higher boiling point, Duo concentrator with a Quattro pump and a SpeedTrap™ is the system of choice.
For those requiring very high vacuum or flow rates, the miVac Scroll pump option is recommended.
Duo Pump Specifications:
  • Maximum vacuum: 10.0 mbar (7.5 torr)
  • Flow rate: 38 l/min (1.34 cf/m)
  • Oil free.
    Quattro Pump Specifications:
  • Maximum vacuum: 2.0 mbar (1.5 torr)
  • Flow rate: 33 l/min (1.16 cf/m)
  • Oil free.

    Alternatively, an exisitng vacuum pump may be use, this requires the miVac control valve.

    To view the additional Technical Specifications click here.

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