Micropump ® Mikro-Annular Dişli Pompa

Micropump ®  Mikro-Annular Dişli Pompa

Dispense volumes as small as 0.25 L
Flow rates from 0.15 to 288 mL/min
Accuracies within ±1%

Pressure capable to 1160 psi

gear pump

With the trend to conserve valuable liquids and the need for high-precision movement of fluid, these pumps are becoming a necessity. Internal technology, similar to that of gear pumps, keeps pulsations to a minium ensuring smooth, consistant flow necessary in applications such as: analytical instruments, medical diagnostics, fuelcell an micro-reaction technology, biotechnology and other critical application processes.
Micro Annular Gear Pumps are rotary pumps that are constructed with an externally toothed internal rotor as well as with an annular tooth external rotor, which bear slightly eccentric to each other. During rotation of the rotors around their offset axis, the pumping chambers simultaneously increase on the induction side and decrease on the delivery side of the pump. A homogeneous flow rate is generated between the kidney-shaped inlet and outlet. The small footprint allows for easy integration into a layout to facilitate the research. Some pumps are as small as 13 x 75mm.
[A] Low Pressure Series -- Models are supplied with DC motors, graphite brushes and are fitted with encoders (controllers available separately).
[B]High-performance Series -- These models are provided with actuator equipped with an electronic commutated, brushless DC motor and integrated control unit. Control can be an RS232 interface using Window Motion Manager Software or via an analogue input 1 - 10 V signal, supply voltage 12 - 24 VDC.

Wetted parts 316L stainless steel, WC Ni-based, graphite reinforced PTFE, Viton
Body material 316L stainless steel
Max flow rate (GPM) 72 ml/min
Flow rate (min) 1.2 ml/min
Max pressure 145 psi
Max temperature 60 C
Temp range -5 to +60 C
Connections inlet 1/4" - 28 UNF
outlet 1/4" - 28 UNF
Viscosity 0.5 - 20,000 mPas
Particulates no - 10 micron filter or better recommended
Run dry np
Dimensions 143mm length, 45mm width, 65mm height, ~800 grams
Motor type DC - motor, 24 nominal voltage
Required hp 44 W

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