METROHM APPLIKON ProsesLab ADI 2045PL Proses Analizörü

METROHM APPLIKON ProsesLab ADI 2045PL Proses Analizörü


Robust at-line analyzer for Process Analysis 

ProcessLab is a robust analytical system for routine analysis in the plant. Wherever various parameters are to be measured at different measuring points, ProcessLab is the convincing solution. Custom-made to suit your analytical requirements, ProcessLab guarantees reliable analytical results, safe process control and is easy to use.



  • Simple operation
  • Robust hardware
  • Flexibility and modularity
  • Networking and process integration
  • Efficient ion analysis


This absolute analytical method offers incredible accuracy, a wide measuring range and a long list of applications that continues to grow. The high specificity, tolerance to solids and no requirement for calibration make this a favourite choice for a huge number of analytical applications. Typical examples are acidity, alkalinity, Karl Fischer for water determination, P&M number, cyanide, boric acid and many many others.


A technique that is very useful for low concentrations of analytes. Metrohm Applikon has the ability to extend the range to accommodate all requirements. Using Differential Absorbance Colorimetry (DAC) the effect of background sample colour and turbidity is removed. The wide range of LED sources and filters makes it possible to offer a solution to a wide range of applications. Typical examples are COD measurements, Ammonia and Chlorine in waste /drinking water, Silica and Phosphate in boiler feed water, Iron in many different waters, Phenol in industrial waste Water, calcium and magnesium in Brine.


Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) Measurements
A very common method of measuring specific ions in solution taking advantage of the Nernst equation. Care must be taken due to interferences, temperature/matrix effects and drift of electrodes when using ISE data. Metrohm Applikon B.V. uses the patented Dynamic Standard Addition (DSA) method on all ISE measurements to remove all inaccuracies and validate each and every result as correct, giving confidence and reliability as standard. Among the long list of applications are: Sodium in high purity water, Potassium, Nitrate, Fluoride, Ammonia, etc.





Any doubts if on-line is the way to go?

The ProcessLab ADI 2045PL can be easily upgraded to an Process Analyzer ADI 2045TI for on-line analysis. Simply start with the ProcessLab ADI 2045PL at-line and upgrade to on-line to gain the maximum on savings with complete process automation. Installation of software and a by-pass connection to the process is all that is required to start analyzing on-line. Downgrading any Metrohm Applikon on-line analyzer to an at-line system is also possible.



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