METROHM APPLIKON ADI 2045VA Voltametrik Proses Analizörü

METROHM APPLIKON ADI 2045VA Voltametrik Proses Analizörü


Trace Metal and Plating Bath Analysis 

The ADI 2045 VA is an on-line Process Analyzer based on the principle of Voltammetric Analysis. This measurement method has been routinely applied in the laboratory for decades. With the ADI 2045 VA online Analyzer, voltammetric analysis can be used for on-line trace metal analysis in surface or waste water or for quality control of plating baths in the galvanic Industry.



  • Great flexibility due to the modular concept
  • Industrial PC based (IPC)
  • Touch screen operation
  • Multi mode electrode for (heavy) metal analysis
  • CVS method allows supressor, leveler and brightener control

    The ADI 2045 VA is available for the analysis of the following compounds:
•Antimony •Molybdenum
•Bismuth •Nickel
•Cadmium •Platinum
•Chromium •Rhodium
•Cobalt •Selenium
•Copper •Thallium
•Iron •Tungsten


•Mercury •Zinc


Voltammetry is a quantitative analysis method in which the current flowing through an electrode is measured while a potential scan is superimposed on that electrode. For the measurement a 3 electrode system is used, consisting of a working electrode, a reference electrode (Ag/AgCl/KCl 3 M) and an auxiliary electrode. At the surface of the working electrode the oxidation or reduction occurs.
A plot of data gives current -voltage curves, called voltammograms, these curves provide both quantitative and qualitative information about the solution that is measured. The technique is mainly used for the determination of dissolved substances that can be oxidised or reduced relatively easy. Examples of such species are: metal ions and metalloids with the exception of the alkali and earth alkali metals, some anions like cyanide and iodide, organic compounds like acetaldehyde and vitamins.


Analysis methods:

-Differential Pulse
-Square Wave
-Cyclic (Pulse) Voltammetric Stripping

Typical 3-5%

Typical 3-5%

Analysis time:
Typical 30 min.

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