METROHM APPLIKON ADI 2040 Ex-Proof Proses Analizörü

METROHM APPLIKON ADI 2040 Ex-Proof Proses Analizörü


Multi Purpose Wet Chemical Analysis for hazardous environments Zone I or II

The ADI 2040 is the most versatile wet chemical Analyzer on the market today, capable of handling a wide range of applications. Methods and techniques like titration, colorimetry, thermal digestion, uv digestion, KF titration and standard addition are possible, also in certain combinations. The modularity makes it possible to adapt the analyzer to the specific needs of the application. Multi-parameter and multi-stream analyses are easily implemented as well as analog and digital communication with other devices. The ADI2040 is a Stainless Steel version and is one of the very few online titration analyzers that is available in an explosion proof version, both for Zone I and Zone II environments.

  • Great flexibility due to the modularity
  • Twenty wet part positions giving the possibility add digestion methods, multi-streaming, multi-ranges
  • Almost all analytical methods can be used, also in combination
  • SET, DET and MET titrations
  • Analog (4-20 mA) in- and outputs for result import or transmission
  • Digital in- and outputs for remote start/stop, alarms, and control of external devices
  • Explosion proof version according to EU directives 94/9/EC (ATEX)
This absolute analytical method offers highest accuracy, a wide measuring range and a long list of applications that continues to grow. The high specificity, tolerance to solids and no requirement for calibration make this a favourite choice for a large number of analytical tasks.
Dynamic Standard Addition
A very common method of measuring specific ions in solution that takes advantage of the Nernst equation. An ISE electrode reacts to specific ions in the analyte, electrodes are available for a number of different ions. The electrode signal measured is a direct measure for the concentration of the analyte. The patented Dynamic Standard Addition (DSA) ensures improved measurement accuracies and validates each and every result. Among the long list of ISE applications are: Sodium in high purity water, Potassium, Nitrate, Fluoride and Ammonia.
Differential Absorbance Colorimetry
A technique that is very useful for low concentrations of analytes. Metrohm Applikon has the ability to extend the range to accommodate all requirements. Using Differential Absorbance Colorimetry (DAC) the effect of background sample colour and turbidity is removed. The wide range of long-term stable LED sources allow us to offer individual solutions for a wide range of applications. Typical examples include COD measurements, Ammonia and Chlorine in waste /drinking water, Silica and Phosphate in boiler feed water, Iron in many different waters, Phenol in industrial waste Water, calcium and magnesium in Brine.

Analysis method:
-Dynamic Standard Addition with Ion Selective Electrodes
-Differential Absorbance Colorimetry
-Direct Measurement

Typical 1-2%

Typical 1-2%

Analysis time:
Typical 5-10 min.


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