METROHM APPLIKON ADI 2019 Proses Kolorimetre

METROHM APPLIKON ADI 2019 Proses Kolorimetre


Single Method On-line Analyzer

The ADI 2019 Process Colorimeter performs photometric absorption measurements in the visible light range. The analyzer contains a thermostated cuvette with 3 cm light path and LED technology. The color development is detected automatically by using differential absorbance measurements. The ADI 2019 is meant for single streams and is available in a Heavy Duty version as well as a Special version for applications requiring absolutely precise reagent additions (±0.2% error). The analyzer is also available in stainless steel housing.


  • Differential Absorbance Colorimetry prevents background sample colour interefence
  • Precision burette allows up to seven calibration points from one standard
  • Modularity
  • Analog (4-20 mA) outputs for result output
  • Digital in-and outputs for remote start/stop, alarms, etc.


A technique that is very useful for low concentrations of analytes. Metrohm Applikon has the ability to extend the range to accommodate all requirements. Using Differential Absorbance Colorimetry (DAC) the effect of background sample colour and turbidity is removed. The wide range of LED sources and filters makes it possible to offer a solution to a wide range of applications. Typical examples are COD measurements, Ammonia and Chlorine in waste /drinking water, Silica and Phosphate in boiler feed water, Iron in many different waters, Phenol in industrial waste Water, calcium and magnesium in Brine.

Analysis method:
Differential Absorbance Colorimetry

Typical 1-2%

Typical 1-2%

Analysis time:
Typical 5-10 min.

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