METROHM APPLIKON ADI 2016 Titro Analizörü

METROHM APPLIKON ADI 2016 Titro Analizörü 


Single Method On-line Analyzer 

The ADI2016 is a (potentiometric) titration based analyzer using high precision burettes and high performance electrodes. Using the modular concept, only those “wet-part” modules that are needed for a specific application can be integrated into the IP65 rated housing. A self finding inflection point technique can be applied for most applications. Fixed time interval or drift controlled additions can be used, depending on the application. The analyzer is meant for single sample streams.
For the more demanding environment and special applications, the analyzer is also available in a stainless steel version.





  • Modularity
  • Laboratory accuracy through the use of precision burettes
  • IP65 housing
  • Acid/base, redox and Karl-Fischer titrations
  • No need for calibration as titration is an absolute method
  • Possibility to use an automatic inflection point technique
  • Multiple sample streams through the use of an external sample sequencer
  • Analog (4-20 mA) outputs for result output
  • Digital in-and outputs for remote start/stop, alarms, etc.


This absolute analytical method offers incredible accuracy, a wide measuring range and a long list of applications that continues to grow. The high specificity, tolerance to solids and no requirement for calibration make this a favourite choice for a huge number of analytical applications. Typical examples are acidity, alkalinity, Karl Fischer for water determination, P&M number, cyanide, boric acid and many many others.

Analysis method:

Typical 1-2%

Typical 1-2%

Analysis time:
Typical 5 min.

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