Megger Dijital Düşük Dirençli Ohmmetre DLRO200

Megger Dijital Düşük Dirençli Ohmmetre DLRO200

Designed to check and measure contact resistance in high voltage circuit breakers, disconnect switches, busbar joints, or for other low resistance measurements
The Megger DLRO200-115 test set accurately measure resistances ranging from 0.1µO to 1O, at high currents. It will check the continuity of the test circuit and will quickly ramp the test current up to the desired level.

Thealphanumeric keyboard is used to set upper and lower limits for the test to pevent the use of excessive currents, as well as documenting / adding notes to the stored data results.


The DLRO200-115 uses a four terminal measurement technique to cancel the resistance of the test leads from the measurement.


  • Single, two
Manufacturer number DLRO200-115
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