Market Forge Sterilmatic® Masaüstü Sterilizatör

Market Forge Sterilmatic® Masaüstü Sterilizatör

Fast preheat time—reaches 121°C (250°F) in less than 10 minutes

Heating elements on the outside of the sterilizer chamber never come in contact with water


These benchtop sterilizers are ideal for steam sterilization of wrapped or unwrapped dressings, labware, and liquids. Choose from the standard sterilizer with sterilizing temperature set at 121°C (250°F) or the laboratory sterilizer with an adjustable sterilizing temperature from 110 to 121°C (230 to 250°F).
Safety features include a door that locks until steam pressure is completely relieved from the chamber and low water-level cut-off. All models are rated for four-wire, three-phase operation. Sterilizer chambers are ASME-approved. Order optional stainless steel stand, perforated tray, and basket for these sterilizers below table.

Chamber size 26 x 16
Temp range 121ºC (250ºF)
Temp display dial gauge
Pressure display dial gauge
Timer range 0 to 60 minutes
Reservoir capacity Liters 5.7
Chamber construction aluminum
Power VAC 208/240
Hz 60
Amps 30
Average cycle time min 15 - 45
Dimensions inches 18-3/4 x 29 x 31
Max psi 15 psi at 121ºC (250ºF)


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