LANCER 1800 LXA Cam Malzeme Yıkama Sistemleri

LANCER  1800 LXA Cam Malzeme Yıkama Sistemleri

1800 LXA
Washing System



The ALL NEW LANCER 1800 LXA Glassware Washer/Dryer offers the ultimate in flexibility by cleaning the widest range of glassware. The unique, double-sided chamber, allows for washing of all types of glassware, ranging from carboys to pipettes, in a single load. The washer offers high capacity cleaning with up to 6 levels of washing.

The LANCER 1800 LXA freestanding glassware washer/ dryer has professional features including 316 L stainless steel construction of the chamber, 304 L stainless steel exterior construction, 40 microprocessor controlled programs, HEPA filtered Injector Drying System, and self-diagnostic software for monitoring all aspects of operation. It includes an insulated chamber for quiet operation. On board storage of cleaning chemicals with built in peristaltic pumps for detergent and acid neutralizer provide labor free dosing of cleaning chemicals while the Filter System protects the circulation pump from debris.

The LANCER 1800 LXA has 6 independent wash levels with racks that are interchangeable between all levels. Racks for the 1800 LXA are also interchangeable between other LANCER glassware washers including the LANCER 810 LX undercounter glassware washer, 815 LX undercounter glassware washer, the LANCER 820 LX undercounter glassware washer, the LANCER 910 LX freestanding glassware washer and the LANCER 1300 LX freestanding glassware washer. Racks are sold separately.

All LANCER washers are manufactured under ISO 9001 accreditation.

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