L.A.B Equipment V - Serisi Vibrasyon Test Cihazları

L.A.B Equipment V - Serisi Vibrasyon Test Cihazları

Our V-series of mechanical vibration systems provide a cost-effective way to put packages and products through the rigors of transport.  We offer a wide variety of standard table sizes and capacities and offer a standard frequency range from 2 to 5 Hz.

Standard features

  • V - Series™ Transportation SimulatorsRotary (Synchronous) Motion (Standard)
  • Digital LCD Speed Display
  • Digital Timer w/ Test Settings & Expiration
  • Infinitely Variable Frequency Adjustment throughout the 2-5 Hz Range
  • Adjustable High Back Fences
  • Low Front Fences
  • Conveniently Mounted Standard Controls
  • Movable Floor Stand
  • Motor Controls Pre-Wired Per Customer Specifications
  • Hard Decking for Excellent Wear Resistance
  • 100# - 400# & 2000# - 8000# Capacity

Optional features

  • Non-Synchronous Motion (N/S)
  • Vertical Linear Motion (V/L)
  • Non - Standard Voltage
  • Expanded Table
  • CE compliant

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