KRÜSS Dijital Refraktometreler

KRÜSS Dijital Refraktometreler


Short measuring times at maximum accuracy

High-precision Digital Lab Refractometer series DR6000 for applications such as mixing-ratio, quality and quantity control, plus determination of purity.


Features & Benefit


  • With a simple, intuitive touchscreen all results and user management can be operated on the device. The unit incorporates an integrated SQL database, for storing data, and allows for access via a network or standalone PC.
  • The DR6000 has an integrated Peltier thermostat for efficient temperature control, allowing very short measuring times at maximum accuracy.
  • Easy cleaning of the probe.
  • Interface and software package for full GLP compliance.

Four standard models are available in this series, varying according to range, resolution and accuracy.
For prices and availability information on the DR series of Digital Refractometers for the Laboratory, please contact your nearest Krüss distributor, who will be delighted to help.

PDFFor full technical specifications, please download the brochure here.


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