Kompakt Ekonomik Dairesel Hareketli Mikroplate Çalkalayıcı

Kompakt Ekonomik Dairesel Hareketli Mikroplate Çalkalayıcı 

Low-cost shaker accommodates all styles of microplates
Compact plate shaker takes up minimal bench space

Remote, low-voltage power supply ensures your safety—accepts 110 or 230 VAC input


Variable speed control, momentary shaking action, and easy microplate location make this shaker suitable for your routine plate shaking applications. The open design makes this shaker ideal for easy integration with robotic systems. The brushless DC motor will provide a long, maintenance-free life and reliable performance. Model 51513-10 also features a timer and includes a cover. For model 51513-00, order cover separately.

What's included: 6-ft power cord with US standard plug. Model 51513-10 also includes a cover.

Orbit size 2 mm dia
Overall dimensions 3-2/3"W x 2-3/5"H x 5-1/4"D
Power VAC 110/230VAC
Hz 50/60 Hz
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