ISFET Su Geçirmez pH Metreler

ISFET Su Geçirmez pH Metreler

Ion specific field effect transistor (ISFET) uses a silicon chip pH Sensor
Sensor stores dry and needs little maintenance
Fast response time



These compact, waterproof pH meters can measure samples as small as one drop. The virtually unbreakable sensor eliminates breakage problems associated with fragile glass pH sensors. Advanced model offers three-point calibration and auto-buffer recognition.
What's included: calibrating buffers, case, batteries, and instruction manual.

Range pH 2.0 to 12.0
Resolution pH 0.1
Accuracy pH ±0.1
Calibration 1, 2, or 3 point
Buffer recognition automatic
Temp compensation automatic
Reference cell type replaceable KCl gel filled
Display LCD
Battery two CR-2032 lithium 3 V batteries (included)
Battery life 200 hours continuous; 10 hour advance low battery warning
Operating temperature 5 to 40
41 to 104°F
Dimensions 5-1/2 L x 1" W x 5/8" H


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