Interscience® BagMixer® Blender

Interscience® BagMixer® Blender

Adjustable paddles ensure quick and sterile blending of samples
Sample is automatically filtered prior to analysis
Stainless steel chamber and exterior are easy to clean
Transparent window allows clear view inside chamber


These lab blenders offer patented adjustable paddles to ensure quick and sterile blending of all samples. Stainless steel chamber and fully opening door offer easy access for cleaning. Paddle blenders offer quiet operation and are extremely easy to use. The sample is contained in a sterile bag reducing the risk of cross contamination. To extract bacteria from a sample, place the sample and liquid in a sterile bag, and then slide the bag into the blender. Use the adjustable timer to ensure proper homogenization of your sample. Pipet and analyze the liquid containing the filtered extract without the risk of alteration or contamination.
Models are available with stainless steel or transparent window door. The window door and shock absorbers have a lifetime warranty. Order sterile bags, clips, and rack separately below.

Capacity 400 to 3500 mL
Door Transparent
Timer 30 to 210 sec
Dimensions 16 1/4"W x 19-3/4"H x 15"D
Power 220 VAC, 50 Hz


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