In-Line Proses Refraktometre

In-Line Proses Refraktometre

Easily correlate temperature compensated readings to percent solids, Be, % Brix, and specific gravity scales
One-inch sensor adapts to process lines with flow rates of a few mL to thousands of gallons per minute

Optional digital display modules offer enhanced accuracy of±1% of span



Monitor and control the concentration of dissolved solids or water soluble liquids. This in-line process refractometer accurately measures the refractive index of your process. State-of-the-art, silicone detector with stainless steel sensing head and sapphire prism remain inert to essentially all liquids over the operating temperature range of the device. Durable high-intensity visible LED with built-in AGC loop compensates for LED aging and guarantees maximum accuracy. NEMA 4 enclosure is assembled and requires no special wiring.
Refractometers are factory-calibrated to 0 to 40% Brix in an operating range of 80 to 100°F. Custom calibration (81005-20) is available within a measuring range of 0 to 100 Brix equivalent. Temperature compensate for spans of ±20°F over a range of 0 to 250°. Negate effects of color differences and suspended particles or emulsions.
Note: Specify custom calibration parameters with order.

What's included: standard calibration for 0 to 40 Brix and 80 to 100°F, a 10-ft power cable, and a 20-ft interconnecting cable. An adapter is required to mount the sensor into your system—order separately. Call our Application Specialists for details about custom adapters for your system or longer interconnecting cable.

Range 0 to 80% Brix or <1.333 to >1.4906 refractive index (measuring range)
Accuracy Better than 5% of span (repeatability of 4 to 20 mA output is typically better than 1%)
Max operating temperature ±20°F from customer selected nominal between 0 and 250°F
Power 240 VAC
Description In-Line Process Refractometer
Dimensions 7-1/8"W x 4-3/8"H x 3-½"D
Recommended span Min: 5 Brix or equivalent refractive index
Max: 40 Brix or equivalent refractive index
Cable length 20 feet (Interconnecting)
Power cord 10 feet
Stability Better than 1% of span


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