IKA ® İnkübatörlü Çalkalayıcı

IKA ®  İnkübatörlü Çalkalayıcı

Advanced temperature control and safety features enable unattended operation in a temperature-controlled environment
Antimicrobial coating reduces bacteria on control surface
Easy-to-read LED display of speed, temperature, and time
All functions can be controlled and documented using the labworldsoft ®  software

shaking incubator

Shakers features PID temperature control, using two PT 1000 sensors, to maintain temperature within ±0.1°C. Independently monitor temperature by connecting an additional PT 1000 sensor to a junction box within the chamber. Electronic speed control can be set from 10 to 500 rpm with a 20-mm orbit. Unit can be set for timed operation up to 999 hours or for continuous operation. Unit shuts off if lid is opened or if temperature exceeds set point by 5°C. Collecting tray with drain hose on rear of unit simplifies cleanup.

Models 51715-10 and -15 feature a built-in recirculating cooler which can cool the chamber to 20° below ambient.

Speed range 10 to 500 rpm
Temp range 5C above ambient to 80C
Temp accuracy +/- 0.1C
Orbit size 0.8"
Power VAC 115
Hz 50/60
Dimensions 22 7/8"W x 20 1/2"H x 29 1/2"D



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