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Genevac HT systems are the ideal solution for parallel evaporation bottlenecks in high throughput and production laboratories - the systems high performance and high sample capacities make them the ideal workhorses. The unique design of the multi layer rotor ensures efficient use of valuable laboratory benchspace as well as high performance and high throughput evaporation. Evaporation times do not vary across the HT range, the same overall evaporation time is required to dry a full load of samples in an HT-4X as is required in an HT-8 or HT-12.

Peace of mind comes as standard with patented temperature control and bumping prevention built in, systems can be customised with high performance options to ensure that users achieve the fastest safe evaporation possible. To further optimise productivity, Genevac offer a wide range of sample holders which can be integrated with other laboratory automation systems. The HT-8 & HT-12 now feature a SuperCool very high power condenser to deliver enhanced solvent recovery and exceptional fast lyophilisation results with HPLC fractions.

The HT-8 and HT-12 are very similar, the HT-8 having two rotor layers and the HT-12 having three.

The HT-8 & HT-12 systems accommodates a wide range of sample formats from tubes & vials to microtitre plates and custom sample formats. The strong stainless rotors are housed in a cast aluminium vacuum chamber, protected from attack by corrosive vapours by a reinforced perfluorinated coating. Every Genevac evaporator is resistant to routine use of TFA as standard, special options exist on the HT-12 for routine use of HCl.

The on-board embedded PC controls every aspect of evaporation. Systems are delivered with a range of pre-programmed methods covering the majority of applications. Simply select the desired method and hit start, the system takes care of the rest, even determining when the samples are dry and stopping automatically. The fast lyophilisation or LyoSpeed™ method makes use of this flexibility and the SuperCool high power cold trap, delivering high speed lyophilisation for HPLC fractions. To further help those working with mixtures of solvents the auto-defrost and drain option helps to extend the capacity of the system and deliver faster better drying results. High power CoolHeat® lamps are available for those working with samples containing water, providing even faster drying.

Both systems have oil free Scroll pump technology which requires no oil changing or regular maintenance. The systems have a very strong rotor directly driven rotor which enables them to take massive loads and provides an 85 grams out-of-balance capability as standard. The out of balance tolerance enables users to balance solvent volumes by eye, and ensures that the system runs to completion even when running HPLC gradient fractions which dry at different rates.

The HT-24 is a simple, large capacity, stand-alone, space-saving machine centred around two HT-12 Series II parallel evaporators mounted on a small footprint trolley. It has the standard evaporator capability, remote control and data logging but gives faster processing by allowing independent operation. It is easy to use, reliable, robust and safe. To further optimise productivity, Genevac offer a wide range of sample holders which can be integrated with other laboratory automation systems.

The HT-24 gives the user the option of simultaneously evaporating 2 different solvents, providing they’re not reactive. Other system features are sample integrity, rapid defrosting, and pullout sample shelves for loading/ unloading evaporators.

A custom fume hood is available as an option, providing a totally enclosed system. This is fitted on top of the HT-24. There are 3 sliding transparent doors in the front for easy access to the evaporators and a window in each side.
Supplied as standard with the HT-24 are a single high capacity Scroll pump, two condensers each with vacuum and exhaust pots, automatic drain valves, remote door opening switches, remote data logging via serial connectors, and two 10-12 litres capacity waste containers. The features of the HT-12 chambers are the same as for a stand alone HT-12, including SampleGuard™ and Dri-Pure®.
Options for the HT-24 include, fast lyophilisation with the automatic defrost and drain option, extra powerful CoolHeat® lamps on one or both evaporators, and built in fume extraction (hood and pipe system).
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