Horiba Cardy Twin Kalem Tipi İletkenlik Ölçerler

Horiba Cardy Twin Kalem Tipi İletkenlik Ölçerler

Easily measure samples as small as 100 µL!
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Meter measures conductivity from 0 to 19.9 mS across three ranges and features salinity conversion function from 0 to 1.1%. Built-in sensor lets you take measurements either by immersing meter tip in sample or by placing a small amount of your sample directly on the sample pad. Results are instantly displayed on LCD.
One-touch autocalibration and automatic temperature compensation provide added convenience. The HOLD button locks readings into place; auto-hold automatically freezes readings once they stabilize. Meters also feature low-battery indication, auto-shutoff after 60 minutes of nonuse, and temperature alarm to alert you when sample falls outside the temperature range. Meters require included solutions for calibration (order replacement solution kits separately).

Conductivity range 0 to 199 µS
0.20 to 1.99 mS
2.0 to 19.9 mS
Conductivity accuracy ±2% full scale,
±1 digit
Conductivity resolution 1 µS
0.01 mS
0.1 mS
Temp compensation automatic from 5 to 30°C; 2% per °C at 25 °C
Display 2-1/2-digit LCD
Battery two CR-2025 lithium 3 V batteries (included)
Battery life 500 hours continuous
Dimensions 5-29/32"L x 1-1/16"W x 5/8"H


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