HITACHI CR7 Yüksek Kapasiteli Soğutmalı Santrifüj

HITACHI CR7 Yüksek Kapasiteli Soğutmalı Santrifüj

The brushless motor emits no dust, making this unit ideal for use in clean hospital environments and for blood component separation in blood centers.
Powerful refrigeration and fine control maintain constant sample temperatures.



High-capacity carbon fiber rotor

  • 1,000 ml x 6 bottles
  • Max. 7,000 rpm (10,700 x g)
  • To be used exclusively with a wide-mouth 1-liter bottle
    1000PP bottle (WM)(P/N: S307700A, 6 pcs/box)
  • 1000PC bottle (WM)(P/N: S308357A, 6 pcs/box)
    1000PP cap (WM)(P/N: S410870A, 2 pcs/box)
  • For high-volume separation of bacteria and organelle from their culture liquid and for rough separation in the manufacturing process of vaccines

High-capacity swing rotor

  • 400 ml MAP bag x 12 units can be processed at a time.
  • Max. 4,200 rpm (5,030 x g)
  • For blood component separation use at blood centers, etc.

Advanced technology

  • Memory operation
    Stores 30 sets of operating parameters.

  • Net run time input
    Because the timer starts simultaneously with attainment of the selected speed, net operation time can be realized (patent pending).

  • Convenient functions are standard features
    • RCF calculation
    • Memory lock function
    • g• sec. calculation
    • Step operation input

  • Numerous safety devices and self-diagnosis functions are standard
    • Door opening/closing detection
    • Imbalance detection
    • Overspeed detection
    • Rotor setting abnormality detection
    • Temperature control abnormality detection
    • Power source abnormality detection
    • Motor rotation abnormality detection

GLP/GMP-compatible operation record control

If a log data printer is connected, operating conditions and operating results can be printed out. This function is convenient for the control of GLP/GMP-related manufacturing lines and for operation record management at the inspection room.

CR7-type log data printer (option)
This printer is designed to print out speed, time, humidity and 11 other operating conditions for start, stop and alarm events.

*In the case of on-site installation, there is a charge for upgrade labor and travel expense




Maximum speed (rpm)


Maximum RCF (x g)

10,700 (R7AF3 rotor)

Maximum capacity (tubes x ml)

1,000 x 6 (R7AF3 rotor or R5S2 rotor)

Maximum speed at maximum-capacity rotor and maximum RCF

7,000 rpm, 10,700 x g

Drive motor

High-torque brushless high-frequency motor

Speed control range (rpm)

300 to 7,000

Temperature range adjustment (°C)

-20 to +40


One second to 99 minutes and 59 seconds, with a HOLD function (one minute to 99 hours and 59 minutes optional)

Refrigerator capacity/refrigerant

1.5 kW/R404a


Memory-based programmed operation

Nine programmed operations possible

Acceleration/deceleration time variable

Nine-stage variable acceleration, nine-stage braked deceleration, plus free deceleration

RCF calculation

RCF integrator

RTC (real-time control)*


Rotor stoppage buzzer

Imbalance detection device

Automatic rotor temperature compensation


Automatic rotor identification


Continuous flow rotor


Power requirements

Single phase, AC 220/230/240 V ±10%, 30A, 50/60Hz

Dimensions (mm)

730 (W) x 910 (D) x 1,150 (H)

Height to the controller (mm)


Standard accessories

Instruction manual, rotor cleaning bar, silicone grease, fuse (0.4A) surge type, fuse (2A) and fuse (25A)

Weight (kg)



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