High Efficiency Polypropylene or Fluoroplastic Manyetik Drive Pompaları

High Efficiency Polypropylene or Fluoroplastic Manyetik Drive Pompaları

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Split volute casing forms a volute chamber to increase pump efficiency, reduce horsepower and energy usage
Pumps can run dry for up to one hour.
To reduce maintenance, bearings are kept cool with heat dissipation vent holes and a large flush groove.
Use in production processes such as filtering, spraying, washing, and etching.
Pumps are set up for hard-wiring; cord and plug are not included.

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Max flow rate 132 GPM
Max fluid temp 176°F (80°C)
Max system pressure 62 psi
Max head (ft) 100
Duty cycle Continuous
Motor phase 3
Run dry up to one hour
Wetted materials glass-reinforced PP pump head, carbon bearing, alumina ceramic spindle, Viton ® O-ring
Dimensions 20-3/4"L x 10-1/4"W x 11"H
Connections outlet 1-1/2" NPT(M)
inlet 2" NPT(M)
Motor type TEFC
rpm 3500
VAC 208-230/460
Hz 60
Amps 7.6/3.8
hp 3


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