Heidolph® LABOROTA Efficient Rotary Evaparatörler

Heidolph® LABOROTA Efficient Rotary Evaparatörler

Safety and user friendliness at an affordable price
Easily adjust and fix the height of your unit with manual or electronic lifts
High torque drive produces superior results for large quantities or dense samples

Choice of five condenser sets


These affordable units have been designed with safety and user friendliness in mind. These units feature a heating bath that operates from 20C to 180C and has non-slip handles for safe and easy transport of the bath.
Units are available with five different condenser sets, including diagonal, vertical for standard distillations, vertical condenser with double jacket for high recovery rates, condensate trap for cooling by ice, or a vertical condenser for reflux distillation. These units are also availabel with optional safety-coated glassware to minimize breaking. Units are also available with motorized lift for height adjustment at the touch of a button.

Bath temperature 20-180°C
Bath Capacity 4.3L
Rotation speed range 20-270 rpm
Dimensions 15.6"L x 17.3"W x 14.1"H
Power VAC 230
Hz 50-60
Configuration Vertical Reflux Condenser


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