Hava Motorlu Mekanik Karıştırıcılar

Hava Motorlu Mekanik Karıştırıcılar

Top-to-bottom movement provides thorough mixing—without creating a vortex

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These efficient tube mixers allow you to thoroughly mix the contents of 55-gallon drums without removing the drum lid. The 40" long mixing tube fits into standard 2" bungs and generates a powerful top-to-bottom flow.
A shaft-mounted turbine inside the mixing tube creates a steady suction effect at four upper intake ports. Mixers draw approximately 13 to 14 gallons of liquid (750 cp max) per minute through the 2" OD mixing tube. The forcefully expelled liquid resuspends and dissolves settled particles.

Tube mixers include:
* 40" L x 2" OD mixing tube with bearing of PTFE ®  PTFE resin at top and base
-- 316 SS shaft, turbine, and sleeve
-- 10-ft, three-wire cord with plug (electric mixers only)

Air-drive motor mixer has a 3/4-hp motor that generates speeds from 300 to 3000 rpm with 50-100 psi air input. Mixer includes flow regulator and muffler. We recommend using an air filter/regulator and lubricator.

Motor type air-drive


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