GILMONT Masaüstü Tipi Flowmetreler - PTFE Fittingleri ile beraber ( Variable Area / Correlated )

GILMONT Masaüstü Tipi Flowmetreler - PTFE Fittingleri ile beraber

( Variable Area / Correlated )

Design makes each meter suitable for a broad range of laboratory applications
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Modular components allow for meter flexibility across a wide range of flow rates
Multiple end connections to suit process requirements



Unshielded Flowmeters work well in low-pressure applications. Connect the flowtube end directly to tubing having the proper inner diameter flowtube outer diameters are listed below. Glass taper joints are an alternate connection option which slip on the PTFE stops that contain the float (contact our Applications Specialists to order the glass taper joints).

Shielded Flowmeters are better suited to higher-pressure applications or for installations requiring a panel-mounted flowmeter. End bushings are molded with dual connection capability tubing or threaded; listed below are the appropriate tubing and threaded connections provided with each meter.

Shielded Flowmeters with Valves offer flow monitoring along with precise control through an integrated 20-turn micrometer valve. The valve can be adjusted from 0.1 to 100% of maximum flow (semilogarithmic) and provides recise regulation from 0.3 to 60% of maximum flow.


Correlated Flowmeters
Extremely accurate 2% of reading or 1 scale division, whichever is greater. Flowmeters with micro-sized tubes (models 03210-00, 03210-20, and 03234-50) are accurate to 5% of reading or 2% of scale whichever is greater. Computer calibrated flow charts are included for floats used with both air and water at STP. An R factor  chart and formulas are included to convert scale readings for other gases or liquids or for floats other than glass. Order our flow analysis software below to generate flow charts specific to your individual applications.
Shielded models accept 3/8" ID tubing (sizes 4 and 5 accept 5/8" ID tubing). PTFE coupling adapters for unshielded models are not included order separately below.


Note: for pressure drop of each flowmeter, please call our Application Specialists

Glass taper joints are available upon request call our Application Specialists to order.

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