Rocket Santrifüj Evaporatör

The Rocket evaporator has been specifically designed with automated sample concentration in mind. Typically, samples require concentratation before analysis to enable more accurate results to be obtained, and is often used in the field of Environmental Analysis, for example, to determine if there are any pesticide residues in a vegetable crop.
The Rocket can concentrate up to 6 flasks of 450ml in parallel, and if desired, concentrate the samples directly into a 2ml GC autosampler vial, with no user intervention. The speed of evaporation previously not been available, and enables users to abandon highly labour intensive methods, and make time for science.


The key to this unique concentration capability is a fundamentally new drying technology developed by Genevac engineers. It uses steam at low temperatures (such as 40°C) and vacuum to dry the samples, with the result that the process is up to five times faster than other technologies capable of unsupervised operation. Crucially, the Rocket Evaporator is also equipped with the advanced performance features that Genevac users expect, such as effective bumping and crosscontamination protection, precise temperature regulation and very easy to use controls. For a full explanation of the Rocket technology click on the link.
There are two keys to accurate concentration with the Rocket, first is use of the SampleGenie flask for GC vials, and second is the correct concentration method.
  1. The SampleGenie flask enables a large volume of several hundred millilitres to be concentrated directly into a 2ml GC vial. To prevent concentration continuing once the sample is in the vial, the vial is insulated from the heat so that concentration stops. The Rocket evaporator detects this end point and then stops the concentration process automatically.
  2. To enable this process to happen efficiently, it is imperitive to have the best concentration method. All of the methods on the Rocket Evaporator can be changed. The user can upload and download methods and date via a USB data key. Methods can be locked if desired, or some facets may be altered by the user.
An alternative method of achiving concentration would be add small qunaitiy of a less volatile solvent as a solvent "keep". This method has been used successfully with the Genevac EZ-2 Evaporator and is detailed on our concentration technology page.
A full demonstration of the Rocket can be viewed in this short film.
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