FTS ThermoJet

FTS ThermoJet

Precision temperature cycling system


Motorized Arm Configuration

Temperature Forcing Brochure

Powerful: Only system capable of -80ºC at 20 SCFM flow rates
Fast: 10 second cycling from +230ºC to -65ºC
Reliable: ThermoJet's cascade refrigeration system means that vigorous temperature cycling can be achieved without straining. This provides you a level of 24/7 reliability that is unmatched by single compressor systems.
Compact: Up to 34% smaller footprint than other brands

Convenient: Detachable color touch-screen controller frees you to remotely monitor and control testing, or remotely locate refrigeration system.


  Temperature cycling of larger devices in less time
  Thermal shock
  Stress screening
  Temperature characterization of electronic components, circuit boards, electromechanical devices, or materials
  Extreme heating/cooling
  Testing ICs over different temperatures


Features Benefits
–80°C at 20 CFM Flowrates Your components (even large and/or high-powered ones) get to lower temperatures, get there faster and stay there longer.
External thermocouple Convenient control and monitoring of DUT case temperature for improved accuracy and temperature transition rates
Detachable touchscreen controller Save space by remotely locating the refrigeration system.
Uses standard off-the-shelf refrigerants Reduce downtime and save on maintenance costs by avoiding proprietary gases
CFC and HCFC free Environmentally safe and friendly
IEEE-488 and RS232 remote interfaces available Remote temperature control
Completely self-contained No external cooling source, such as CO2 or LN2 required

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