FTS Multi-Cool Düşük Sıcaklık Banyosu

FTS Multi-Cool Düşük Sıcaklık Banyosu

The Multi-Cool low-temperature bath eliminates the need for liquid nitrogen in a wide variety of applications. The benchtop Multi-Cool baths provide up to 8 liters of working fluid volume at temperatures between -80°C and +100°C. The self-contained low temperature bath has a PID control for precise temperature control with RS-232 interface capability. These baths include a magnetic stirrer in the bottom of the bath that agitates the fluid for optimal temperature uniformity and stability.

Multi-Cool® Bath
Mechanically refrigerated benchtop bath eliminates the need for dry ice and LN2
Specification Sheet

Multi-Cool Bath - FTS Systems Temperatures from -80°C to +100°C
±0.1°C control stability
Four ­ and eight ­ liter bath sizes
  Charpy impact testing
  Controlled-temperature reactions
  Biological slide freezing
  Pour-point determinations
  ASTM plastic and metal tests
  Tissue freezing
  Viscosity studies

Features Benefits
Mechanically refrigerated Eliminates the cost and potential hazards associated with dry ice and liquid nitrogen
Built-in magnetic stirrer with variable speed control Increases temperature uniformity and improves stability
Benchtop design with low profile Saves space and provides easy bath access
RS-232 interface Allows control and data collection from a remote location

Model Specifications
    MC480 MC880
Heat Removal (watts/BTUs) +20°C 240/815 240/815
0°C 220/750 220/750
-20°C 170/580 170/580
-40°C 150/510 150/510
-60°C 110/375 110/375
Temperature Range °C   -80 to +100 -80 to +100
Bath Volume liters 4 8
Chamber Dimensions1
(diameter x depth)
inches 6.5 x 7.25 7.75 x 9
cm 16.5 x 18.4 19.7 x 22.9
Compressor   Two@1/4 hp Two@1/4 hp
Controls2 standard: - -
option: 0.1 with Digital 0.1 with Digital
Indication (°C) standard: - -
option: 0.1 with Digital 0.1 with Digital
Dimension W x D x H inches 19 x 24 x 13 19 x 24 x 13
cm 48.3 x 61 x 33 48.3 x 61 x 33
Weight lbs/kg 85/39 90/41
Electrical3   120V/60 Hz/7A 120V/60 Hz/7A

1. Stirrer assembly reduces chamber depth by 0.75 inches (18 mm) in cylindrical chambers.
2.+100•C capability with digital control and refrigeration OFF.
3. 220V/50 Hz also available. Decreases heat removal by 17%.

  Model Description
Charpy Racks
Facilitate the transfer of specimens to testing
CRA-4 For 4L chamber, holds 65 specimens
CRA-8 For 8L chamber, holds 91 specimens

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