FTS Flexi-Cool Masaüstü Tipi Daldırmalı Soğutucu

FTS Flexi-Cool Masaüstü Tipi Daldırmalı Soğutucu

The Flexi-Cool immersion cooler offers the largest amount of heat removal and fastest cool down available (to -100º C). A broad selection of probes is available so you can choose the best fit for your application.

Flexi-Cool® Immersion Cooler Specification Sheet

Flexi-Cool - FTS Systems Temperatures from ambient to -100°C
Temperatures to -50°C in 30 minutes or to -80°C in 50 minutes (two liter bath)
± 0.5°C control stability
  Laboratory dewars
  Vapor trapping
  CCD camera
  Differential scanning calorimeter
  Reaction vessels
  Thermostatic baths
  ASTM plastic and metal tests
  Parylene coating systems


Features Benefits
Refrigerant expands directly inside the probe
No secondary medium to introduce
Choice of three standard probe options
Meets requirements for a variety of applications
Mechanically refrigerated
Continuous low temperature cooling without dry ice
Digital control with remote sensor
Precise temperature control at your process
RS-232 interface
Allows control and data collection from a remote location


Model Specifications
    FC55 FC100
Heat Removal (watts/BTUs) +20¾C 220/750 180/610
0¾C 200/680 170/580
-20¾C 170/575 160/545
-40¾C 70/235 140/475
-60¾C - 110/375
-80¾C - 60/205
Temperature Range ¾C -50 -100
Cooling Rate1 30 min/-50¾C/2L 50 min/-80¾C/2L
Compressor 1/4 hp Two @ 1/4 hp
Controls standard: On/Off On/Off
option: Digital/RS-232 Digital/RS-232
Indication ¾C standard: - -
option: 0.1 with Digital 0.1 with Digital
Dimensions W x D x H inches 10.5 x 16.5 x 9.25 10 x 20 x 18.5
cm 26.7 x 41.9 x 23.5 25.4 x 50.8 x 47.9
Weight lbs/kg 50/23 70/32
Electrical2 (see options) 120V/60 Hz/4A 120V/60 Hz/7A
1. Stirrer assembly reduces chamber depth by 0.75 inches (18 mm) in cylindrical chambers. 2.+100•C capability with digital control and refrigeration OFF. 2. 220V/50 Hz also available. Decreases heat removal by 17%.


Probe Specifications
  Flexible Corrugated Smooth Cylinder Smooth Coil
Probe Model No. P2 P1 P4
Material 316SS 304SS 304SS
Inside inches 15/32 3/4 3/8
Diameter 11 19 10
25 7 8
63 cm 17.8 mm 20.3 cm
inches - - 5
cm/mm - - 12.7


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